• Desktop Air Purifier

    Desktop Air Purifier

    Introduction: RS4500 aroma diffusion system adopts cold air atomization principle, which is combined high-tech quality. Built in long life compressed air motor, to keep the working life up to 8000 hours. The machine controlled by microcomputer system to adjust varied working...Read More
  • Wall Mounted Air Purifier

    Wall Mounted Air Purifier

    Introduction: VS - 760 air purifier is the best choice for any commercial aroma atmosphere . It adopts dry gas release technology and can be adjusted the intensity according to customer requirements .It allows customers according to the new theme and the seasonal to change...Read More
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser with Timer

    Aromatherapy Diffuser with Timer

    Introduction: RS4500 is a diffuser device to be suitable for the medium-sized commercial places by creating a fragrant atmosphere, it uses the advanced physical atomized technology to transfer the liquid scented oil into the Aroma, and it spreads quickly to the environment...Read More
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