Aromatic Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

Aromatic Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

Our Aroma diffuser is designed on COLD DIFFUSION no need any heat tohelp disperse the essential oil. It is safe green and friendly device. Our aroma diffuser use essential oil and fragrance based on oil solvent, from the diffusion procedure, the oil can be dispresed under 1 micro in diameter...

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Our Aroma diffuser is designed on COLD DIFFUSION no need any heat tohelp disperse the essential oil. It is safe green and friendly device. Our aroma diffuser use essential oil and fragrance based on oil solvent, from the diffusion procedure, the oil can be dispresed under 1 micro in diameter which is easily to spread in air to sent the whole space.


VS560 Scent machine is for middle area.Expansion using separation design, external type 

sesame oil bottle,maintenance more convenient.Built-in long-life compressed air pump, 

the working life of up to 8000 hours.easy cooperate and maintenance, controlled to cover 300m2












Noise Level


Gross weight


Net weight




Oil consumption

2ml/h( Continual working )



•   No heat.

   No water.

   No ultrasonic.

   Refillable fragrance oil container.

   Cold-air diffusion technology/dry gas technology.

   Being silent when it works.

   With fan system to improve diffusing scent smell.

   Suitable for various area from small to big.

   Friendly and easy maintenance and operation.

   Stand-alone diffuser & HVAC system or hang on wall.

   With timer program, persistence, concentration setting.

   Environment protecting, can custom.

   Easy to replace the oil bottle and great smell.


Work time adjustable
• Cycling working time is adjustable between 5-180 seconds 
• Cycling stop time can be adjustable between 10-900 seconds.
•Oil consumption is 0.35-0.75ml/h.
• two working period can be set per day.
• days to work can be set. For example, Morning to Saturday, Wednesday to Sunday, etc. 
Any day is settable. 


Fragrance Type

Pure essential oilHigh cost, but ideal for small private area e.g. home, office, SPA etc.
FragranceSuitable for commercial area e.g.VIP reception room, shopping mall, theater, auto 4S shop, hotel lobby etc.
Notice:Please don’t mix water into the fragrance oil, it should be oil based type.


Picture show


Product operation


Our Services

A:Our company has the perfect after-sale service system, and we have many excellent after-sales staff, who can supply 24 –hour  sale service for you and solve your problems effectively and efficiently.

• Integrated development, production, sale and service. 

• Complete modern production machines and highly-qualified staff.

• Dedicated to designing and manufacturing scent machine and oil.

• "High quality products, competitive price, and excellent customer service" are always our consistant goals.

• Creating a win-win business relationship with you in the coming future.


B:Any colors, any logo, leave an inquiry to get a fast quote!

Contact us for more details about Price, Packing, Shipping and Discount.

• OEM and ODM accepted
• High quality,reasonable price 
• CE certificate 


Payment & Shippment & Sample:

1. Shipment: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS/Airway or Seaways.BY SEA,

2. Payment: T/T,  West Union, Money Gram, paypal,

3. Sample: sample is available.


Long-term Garantee:

We do always stand behind of our products: 
A:Before shipment,we have QC to check quality one by one,and trial assembly.
B:Each order ,before shipment,we provide free accessories for customer reserve.
C:After the goods arrived clients warehouse,if any damaged,kindly contact with us timely, 
we will check and replace free.
D:During the period of sales,if any fitting parts lacked,we can resend free on the next order.


The Many Benefits of Aromatherapy

For the Mind Aromatherapy: The essential oils will be inhaled and then trigger the brain to relieve stress. The best kinds of oils to relieve stress are lemon oil, peppermint, lavender, bergamot and vetiver. Aromatherapy is also great for people suffering from depression.


For the Body: For people that don’t want to rely on caffeine, energy drinks or any substance that can have damaging side effects to the body to get through a busy fast paced day, aromatherapy can be used to boost energy levels too. These essential oils can help increase circulation, boost energy levels and help keep you alert and awake without causing any bad side effects to the body.


For energy boosting effects: the best oils are clove, cinnamon, tea tree, sage and rosemary. There tends to be a lot of oils in this category so surely a pleasant scent is waiting for you to inhale.


For The Body’s Internal System: For the immune and digestive track, aromatherapy can be highly beneficial. It’s used as a prevention method to treat future illnesses and infections. The properties in some oils act as barriers between the body and any germs that may try to enter and wreck the immune system. The antibacterial activity of essential oils has continuously been researched since the 1880s. Their efficacy against many bacterial pathogens has been demonstrated in countless in vitro experiments. These studies suggest that essential oils either inhibit bacterial growth or kill the bacteria outright.


Each essential oil has its own chemical properties that are capable of providing physical and psychological benefits.


Compay Information



DANQ,an international brand which specialize in aroma diffusing system designing and manufacturing for years.We provide scent program for famous hotel.Salon and shopping mall,etc..It is acknowledged as pioneer of qualified,reliable,safe and efficient scent service in this industry.All machines from DANQ are certificated by CE,ROSH,SGS and all scent products are approved by IFEAT.Except the patented machines,we produce over 3,000 different flavors to meet more customers,requests.

DANQ Scent System.Your Best Choice!





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