Aroma Diffuser

  • Best Room Fragrance Diffusers

    Best Room Fragrance Diffusers

    Introduction: VS-860B aroma diffuser is brand new rotating buckle opening structure,easier assemble to refill the essential oil.Small body could be placed any corners of 300 square meters.Touch screen control is easily setting different working time and intensity. Features of...Read More
  • room scent diffuser

    room scent diffuser

    Introduction : DB10 aroma diffuser atomized particles reach to Micron level, fragrance perfectly fuse with air, no residue and fragrance last for long. Battery charged and power supply charged optional.Mocha black and diamond white optional,leading fashion. Parameter...Read More
  • Wall Mounted Air Freshener

    Wall Mounted Air Freshener

    Introduction : DSQ3010B is a commercial aroma diffuser for small area of 50-100m2. Can be set for 4 groups work time and adjust fragrance intensity with the 4 key control panel. Elegant appearance, easier to install and replace, color white and black optional. Parameter :...Read More
  • fragrance reed diffuser

    fragrance reed diffuser

    Introduction : DSQ2010C, one fragrance reed diffuser, is equipped with high-quality silent structure design to help spread the aroma well. Split type atomization part design provides convenience for customers to refill the essential oils and maintain the machine. And it...Read More
  • Aroma Diffuser with Fan

    Aroma Diffuser with Fan

    Introduction : DSQ-2010D aroma diffuser is with two pumps inside for bigger areas,and with essential oil 200ml bottle.It is easy to change and refill the scent oils with its lock and key design. This aroma diffuser is lower power and low consumption, so that it is very...Read More
  • Fragrance Diffuser Electric

    Fragrance Diffuser Electric

    Instruction: DSQ3010 Aroma Diffusion System covers 50 to 100 cubic meter area.It is completely Discreet,Wall Mounted and FCU versions. Unlike other less advanced scent technologies such as Oil Burner, Air Fresheners, Room Fragrance, Odor Control, Essential Oil Diffuser etc....Read More
  • Aroma Air Humidifier

    Aroma Air Humidifier

    VS460C 版本一: Introduction : VS-460C is for a large area with a built-in fan to speed aroma diffusion.It can cover 500 square meters space.It can freely adjust the concentration of aroma and equipment noise with a knob right.It use long life compressed air pump so that can...Read More
  • Aroma Air Freshener

    Aroma Air Freshener

    Split HVAC Commercial Aroma Diffuser for Ultra Large Area Introduction : *Intelligent control system with optional working settings and fragrance concentration; *Connect to HVAC system to spread the scent to whole space evenly,including tunnel,room and other indoor space;...Read More
  • Business Aroma Diffuser

    Business Aroma Diffuser

    Commercial Aroma Diffuser with HVAC System Introduction: S30 commercial aroma diffuser applies patented-technology of micron atomization which makes scent diffusing in interior space quickly and connect to HVAC system covering 2000 cubic meters. There is a intelligent display...Read More
  • Hotel steam diffuser for essential oils

    Hotel steam diffuser for essential oils

    HVAC Commercial Aroma Diffuser for Large Area Introduction: S20 commercial aroma diffuser atomize fragrance oil into nano particles rapidly in the air and keep fragrance more fresh and lasting. It’s designed for large area and connect to HVAC system, with coverage of 5000...Read More
  • Wall Mounted Air Freshener

    Wall Mounted Air Freshener

    HVAC or Wall Mounted Metal Shell Commercial Aroma Diffuser for Large Space Introduction of Aroma Diffuser *Fashion arc-shaped breaking the tradition streamlined design *Built-in fan to accelerate the spread of fragrance *Large bottle capacity to avoid refilling fragrance oil...Read More
  • Mist Diffuser Electric

    Mist Diffuser Electric

    Brief Introduction: DSQ1010 aroma diffuser is ideal for large size commercial areas to create harmonious atmosphere. With advanced physical atomization technology to vaporize liquid fragrance oil into aroma gas, with the help of HVAC system to make the faster transmission of...Read More
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