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Air conditioning diffuser equipment
- Aug 14, 2018 -


Space fragrance, perfume aroma instrument aerosol dispenser fresh air diffuser air purification in addition to odor in addition to smoke, the smell kingdom does not make specific products for a certain application. COO Chen Jianbo told Lieyun, they want to be the technology provider of the digital scent industry application program, pay attention to the current artificial intelligence, far, safety, no need to heat, no risk of burning, speak the picture below The French literary uncle, who is half-reliant on the seat, is simple to install, connected to the air-conditioning fresh air duct or connected to the air outlet, so that the fragrance concentration is stable and uniform without central air conditioning, and it is convenient to add the fragrance oil in the future; Models, children are very sensitive to color, sound and taste in the choice of products. Products with special features in these aspects are usually loved by children. Baron (1997) found in the study that when large shopping malls are pleasant When the scent is scented, people who pass by will be more inclined to help people who are of the same sex as themselves. This kind of prosocial behavior is more significant than when there is no scent. Cheng Xue, new e-commerce and other hot spots will bring digital scent technology to Specific scenarios, while cooperating with games, medical, film and television, virtual reality and other industries to jointly build a digital scent ecosystem. In the business model, the scent kingdom mainly provides digital scent technology solutions for B-end merchants to help scent marketing. For example, in combination with a VR eye mask or helmet, add a sense of smell to the user's immersive experience; or make a perfume sale light box, consumers can break through the time and space to select the perfume online. Chen Jianbo introduced that the scent kingdom is committed to providing localized industry applications. The products are certified by the US FCC EU CE environment ROHS. The scent is called “Stefan Floridian Waters”. The automatic fragrance system is currently used in hotels and is fully automatic. According to the use environment, the length, concentration and frequency of the incense time can be set in a one-time program, and the atomization can be repeated in a given time period to realize periodic intelligent setting, on the flight attendant body, around the seat, and even on the blanket. With this taste, we will cooperate with domestic games, film and television, parent-child education and other industries to explore the market of digital odor technology. Figure 2 of the scent kingdom The current problems faced by the scent kingdom are divided into three major blocks: the duration and stability of odor raw material consumables, equipment miniaturization, odor residue and crossover. Among them, it is difficult to solve the problem that the smell itself has residual and “string smell”. The smell kingdom will become the ruler that measures whether the brand pays attention to the user experience from the equipment materials and machine, whether it has the exclusive fragrance of the storefront, and the aroma can especially strengthen people’s The memory of non-well-known brands increases consumers' attention to non-known brands and extends their attention time. The diffuser casing adopts world-class anode anodized aluminum, and its materials and quality are synchronized with high-end brands at home and abroad. In the humid or high temperature environment, the casing will not be rusted. The humanized operation mode fully takes into account the diversity of the site and space. The mechanical structure can be used to explore the passage that can be passed through the special air circulation and the release of the odor. The purity of the user's sense of smell in the scene. As a technology-oriented company, the scent kingdom has formed a technical barrier that is difficult to break in the encoding and decoding of odors, the release of nodes, and the end of polymer materials. The Smell Kingdom is affiliated to Hangzhou Coder Information Technology Co., Ltd. The founder Huang Jianyu started the project in early 12 and received the investment of angel investor Wang Gang. Retailers can easily control the olfactory dynamics in the store through aromatherapy. In this month's "Hardware Retail" magazine, some guidance was given on the ways in which fragrances can be used in hardware store environments. After all, is it better to smell the rubber tube than the rose? The added scent neutralizes the nearby odours while creating a pleasant experience for the customer. Hardware store retailers can also use fragrances to draw customers' attention to seasonal promotions. For example, the store is promoting a specific brand of plastic brushes and scrubbers as part of an advertising campaign with the theme of "Spring Cleaning." The store can use the aroma of citrus to make the displayed items full of aroma, thus enhancing the customer's impression of the store's cleanliness and efficiency. The pleasant, energetic aroma should be nuanced, but it can still help to make the displayed items stand out and attract the attention of customers. I hope your kitchen appliance display looks more "home"? Consider creating a food-based environment that will bring freshly baked cookies or apple pie to your mind. For spa treatments, aromatherapy is an integral part of the environment and atmosphere. Using the iconic aroma around the spa to create a rare sense of smell based on the customer's relaxation experience, this is also a good way to build emotional connections with customers. Aromatherapy connects the mind and body and creates lasting memories and loyal customers. For spas, aromatherapy is an integral part of the environment and atmosphere. Using the iconic aroma around the spa to create a rare sense of smell based on the customer's relaxation experience, this is also a good way for the spa to create emotional connections with customers. As Sandra Barvaux puts it: “The importance of making your fragrance 'suitable' is based on research, which shows that the brand's aroma is a more powerful element than the logo. This is more memorable and effective than sight, sound or touch.” Space fragrance, perfume aroma instrument “I found that many foreign airlines and high-end hotels have their own exclusive fragrance, this brand memory and identity is an invisible Winning the tangible power. The sense of smell is inseparable from the memory and emotional influence of the human brain. A good sense of smell can bring a pleasant mood, and the sense of smell is more persistent and touching. A study by the American Research Institute shows that People recall that the scent accuracy was 65% a year ago. However, recalling the photos that were seen three months ago, the accuracy is only 50%. It can be seen that the “smell memory” is more durable and prominent than the “visual memory”. Emmon is committed to providing "smell camps" for all types of high-end venues. The equipment does not need to use 95% industrial alcohol for internal nozzles in the latter time. The internal accessories are cleaned and dedicated to excavating the commercial value brought by the scent, the sales plan, and the “space expansion plan”, including various high-end hotels, clubs, real estate properties, cinemas, automobile 4S shops, airports, and air conditioner flavoring machines. , department stores, office buildings, etc., professionally tailored to the customer's exclusive fragrance, to help customers achieve brand value.

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