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Analysis of the magical effect of aromatherapy essential oils
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Essential oils are volatile aromatic substances extracted from plant flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits by steam distillation, extrusion, cold dip or solvent extraction. The essential oil does not have the dilution generally best not to use directly. It has a protective function of regulating temperature and preventing disease, so we can use this trait of essential oils to expel pests and health care in our lives.

Essential oils are specific species of plants, after a special extraction method with fragrance, volatile plant essential oil, because of the high volatility of essential oils, and molecular small, so can quickly be absorbed by the human body, and quickly penetrate the body's internal organs, and the excess ingredients are discharged outside the body. The scent of essential oils also directly stimulates the secretion of the pituitary gland, enzymes and hormones, and balances the body's functioning.

The use of aromatherapy essential oils:

Skillfully use essential oil to shrink pouch

Ordinary essential oil can not be directly used for eye skin (use essential oils to pay special attention to the use of methods, otherwise it will hurt the skin). Can be the essence of oil into the gentle nature of the soft skin, with the usual amount of skin care diluted two to three times times, can effectively improve the eye skin. In particular, lavender essential oil can effectively reduce the black eye.

Using essential oil to remove acne

Oily Acne Skin--1 drops of gin + rosemary 1 drops + Roman Chamomile 1 drops, transferred into 10ml grape seed oil, take a little smear on the face massage, can control oil anti-inflammatory.

Aromatherapy Bath

Drop the aromatherapy essential oil in a bath that is slightly higher than your body temperature and soak it. In addition to the whole body soaking, in work or housework, can also take a break to soak the hands or feet, so that the mood more comfortable.

Aromatherapy Steamed Face

Add hot water to the basin and drop in 1-3 drops of aromatherapy essential oil to allow the steaming vapor to blow the face. In order to let the steam is not dispersed, you can cover the entire head with a large towel, about 10 minutes, so that aromatherapy essential oil ingredients can penetrate the skin, get moist.

Partial smear method of essential oil

The natural molecular structure of essential oils is very pure and easy to be absorbed by the skin, so local use is also a suitable way of use. Essential oils can also bring immediate relief to the smear site. Essential oils have the refreshing and relaxing ingredients, especially for massages and beauty treatments that benefit the whole body.

Depending on the needs of the individual, with the physical and physiological changes, at any time to adjust the base oil, pure plant essential oil types and proportions, the deployment of appropriate massage oil, the use of massage techniques (finger pressure, lymphatic drainage, etc.), the plant essential oil infiltration into the body, to achieve health care or treatment purposes.

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