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Application of fragrance in service industry
- Feb 09, 2018 -

The progress of the Times let us demand for the service industry will be more and more high-end and more and more good quality. So a lot of emerging marketing forms slowly in the rise, which fragrance marketing means by a lot of five-star hotel application is very wide.

Fragrance marketing, simple to say is through the way to add incense to the air, so that customers can be in the sense of smell, so as to improve the development of their own corporate culture. Fragrance Marketing is able to be accepted by customers, because in the traditional marketing mode of stimulation, the customer is still very buy this novel marketing means.

Our dissatisfaction with the present is our future direction, we can choose fragrance Marketing to enhance their brand, prove that we are running to the road ahead. The first person who dares to try is likely to die, but the person who has done the right thing and we don't do it may end up like the first.

Fragrance marketing is now widely used in the hotel industry, I believe that in the future fragrance marketing can be extended to all areas we can see!

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