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aroma diffuser machine for middle area
- Aug 18, 2018 -

The spreader does not need to add water, so there is no function of humidification and moisturizing. The working principle is mainly to compress the air through the air pump to atomize the essential oil into the air. Because of the mechanical working principle, the equipment has certain noise and control. Within the scope of the standard, it does not affect the environment in which it is used and used. The spreader has a personal diffuser, a large space diffuser, a spreader directly used on site, and a large diffuser that requires access to the air conditioning fresh air vent.
The function of the diffuser is to directly atomize the aromatic oil to improve the air quality and aroma of the space environment. Mainly used in commercial space, such as hotel lobby, clubhouse, bank, office lobby, exhibition hall, 4S shop and other commercial space. Personalized diffuser is mainly used in car, outdoor, small meetings, parties and so on.
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