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The difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier
- Jul 24, 2018 -


There is no relationship between the fragrance lamp and the humidifier. There is no comparison point. The aroma lamp uses the tungsten filament bulb to heat up and then aromatizes the essential oil. The humidifier uses the principle of ultrasonic atomization to make the water vapor disperse and increase the water content in the air.
  Maybe what you want to ask is the difference between aromatherapy and humidifier?
  Their principles are the same, using the principle of ultrasound, the core components are ultrasonic atomizing heads. The difference is 1: Since the aromatherapy essential oil has certain corrosive properties, the interior of the aromatherapy device should be made of anti-corrosive materials, such as ABS plastic and copper atomizing ring, and the materials used in the humidifier are common materials, not resistant to Essential oil corrosion; 2: And the surface tension of the essential oil solution and pure water is very different, which is different for the frequency of the atomization energy, and the effect of the atomizer that can atomize the water to atomize the essential oil solution is not good.
  Skin care needs to take advantage of the essential oils, and the aromatherapy device is of course the most professional!


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