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Basic Knowledge of Diffuser & Essential Oil
- Jul 14, 2018 -

In Aromatherapy, essential oils have many uses and benefits. They seem to have taken over the world of natural remedies. Aroma lite diffuser can help you enjoy all the benefits of an oil by inhalation. 

Which kind of diffuser to use? Depending on its type, an natural scent diffuser can be used in a few simple ways. They can be heat-based (candle oil burners) or they can use the latest technologies available.

Diffusion is a process that uses heat and water. The heat makes water and oil molecules evaporate. During this process, tiny molecules of essential oils are released into the air.

Newer technologies however, found ways of diffusing oil molecules without heat or water. This technology is known as aroma diffuser humidifier atomizing or aromatherapy nebulizer. Those molecules travel through your nasal passage into the brain, lungs and kidneys. Through inhalation, the essential oils molecules of air fragrance diffuser go into the bloodstream in a percentage of 50% –70%. Inhalation is the best method to get the oils into the bloodstream.

Essential oils can be used in many different ways. Depending on their situation and needs, people may choose an essence for each. The best part about cold air diffuser essential oils is that you can actually enjoy most of their properties in a high concentration. You can inhale anywhere between 50 – 70% of active molecules.


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