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Can smell be lost as we age?
- Nov 13, 2018 -

Can smell be lost as we age?

The answer is yes.

Many people over 50 begin to lose their ability to identify odors.

This is why older people tend to prefer strong perfumes and wear a lot of them.

Studies show that men's olfactory cells age faster than women's as they age.


So we need scent diffuser,  MODEL: DQ5000A, Scent diffuser HVAC connect cover 5,000 Cubic meters


HVAC Connect Commercial Aroma Diffuser:operated by DC12V electricity power, applied to 100-240 volt . It covers 5,000 cubic meters with dual-pump, suitable for KTV, bars,restaurants,and so on, using patented nano atomizing technology improves the Interior air quality of our the control panel.




Smell is one of the most neglected senses. If we want to protect our sense of smell, we should start to pay attention to it and smell all kinds of smells continuously.

Just like our muscles, they only become stronger with constant exercise

Scent diffuser can help you. 

hotel lobby commercial aroma diffuser

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