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Fragrance Atmosphere Plays A Role
- Nov 01, 2018 -

The pursuit and return of the brand and the business of excellence are over.

Good interactions, personal experiences, and relationships are not only creative but also nurturing, making success imperative.

Connecting with customers leads to higher revenue.

" although only 22 per cent of customers have established sufficient connectionsBut they consumed 37% of their income, on average, more than those that were merely satisfactory

The level of customers is twice as high."

- Harvard BusinessReview

Visual attraction is not enough.

" our visual carrying capacity is already overloaded.Among all existing brand promotion methods, 83% are aimed at people's vision.That's why we

It's become so easy to ignore visual information."

-- Simon Harrop, CEO of the BritishBrand Sense Agency

Successful brick-and-mortar stores have established relationships with customers, using the advantage of mobilizing all the senses.Effective sensory marketing can increase sales and build

Customer connection to the brand.

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