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Haze of Controversy about Scent Diffusion
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Air fragrance diffuser is steadily gaining awareness among marketers, which means that its use is likely to increase. Someone says that scent is grossly underutilized by brand builders, but this has been changing in recent years, and we’re starting to see it be introduced in academia. The science is clear: Scent has incredible potential.

However, a certain haze of controversy hovers over the topic of aroma humidifier diffuser. Consumers and employees are inhaling microscopic droplets of oil misted into the air by the aromatherapy air diffusers, and most are unaware of the fact. It raises questions not only about whether customers are somehow being behaviorally manipulated, but also whether it’s safe to be breathing the stuff to start with.

The question of health ramifications, however, may not be as easily dismissed. Semoff maintains that scent particles in the air are no cause for concern. The cold air diffuser essential oils used are all approved by the International Fragrance Association and meet a high level of global regulatory compliance. The concentration is one part per million, so you’re way below the level that would trigger an allergic response.

The natural essential oil diffuser machines emit a water-based, safe fragrance that complies with local, state and federal law. The scenting formulation is also without Air Contaminants as defined by the Occupational Safety & Health Act. Therefore, based on available information, we firmly believe that the use of this scenting program poses no threat to the health of our associates or customers who are in the store.


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