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Hotel Fragrance System Transformation must not overlook the power of essential oils fragrance
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Plant essential oil is composed of more than 100 kinds of ingredients, of course, some of the more than hundreds of to thousands of components, in general, plant essential oil contains alcohols, aldehydes, acids, phenols, acetone, Terpene class. In the case of Rose oil as an example 86% is composed of more than 300 components, 14% is composed of a number of micro-compounds, the composition of the two parts of different ratios, also affect the taste and efficacy. The Bulgarian rose contains 33-55% lemongrass alcohols, 03-40% 牻 and orange flowers, 16-22% 's hard-fat brain, 1.5-2% benzene ethanol, 0.2-2%-octave-cyclic alcohols, and some trace complexes.

The role of plant essential oils:

First, purify the air and sterilization: because the essential oil has the antibacterial antiseptic ingredient, therefore it has the antibacterial, the anti-microbial and the anti-virus characteristic.

Second, the provision of cell nutrition: because essential oils contain hormones, vitamins, resistance, so can provide our body cell nutrition.

Balance body and mind: the most important characteristic of essential oils is odor, which affects the limbic system of the brain, acting on the olfactory, and the tiny aromatic molecules that cause psychological and physiological responses at different levels in the central nerve.

Iv. Immune Function: One of the most important features of aromatic essential oils is to help strengthen the body's immune system, and helps fight against a variety of germs and viruses.

Five, with natural anti-corrosion characteristics.

However, there are many consumers that the hotel fragrance system of the essence of the incense machine is really pure plant essential oil? The answer is yes, because the human body has the potential to be allergic to the chemical itself, and the human respiratory tract is very fragile, if the essential oil to add chemical components of the essential oils to the human respiratory tract caused by injury or even cause syncope symptoms, of course, because the incense machine is through central air-conditioning or fresh air piping system work, So some of the essential oil will be slightly diluted with water to increase the humidity in the air to ensure better results.

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