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hotel room Aromatherapy-perfect for travel
- Feb 09, 2018 -

The continuous development of the service industry today, the hotels are committed to giving each customer a better experience and feelings, so that customers can feel like home experience. The hotel room aromatherapy enters our field of vision. The sound of smart music gradually, soft light scattered, the curl of the fragrance of our smell, if pushed the door and into the hotel lobby can be so detailed to touch our senses, who would say "no" to such a hotel? Hotel Aromatherapy is the aroma of the atmosphere, function, function in the hotel lobby, elevators, corridors, rooms, restaurants, conference rooms and other space areas, in air-conditioning or fresh air system outlet access to power supply, to achieve aromatherapy various functions and time control of the all-round engineering project called Aromatherapy.

Hotel rooms Aromatherapy is in fact the application of aromatherapy in the hotel, emphasis on the efficacy of aromatherapy rather than fragrance of sensory experience. The sensory experience of fragrance is the basic function of hotel aromatherapy. Hotel add incense to improve hotel odor, mostly through ventilation, odor concealment and other methods to achieve. Hotel aromatherapy becomes the mainstream configuration. The purpose of the room aromatherapy is to make the guests not only enjoy the comfort of the hotel itself, but also enjoy the aromatherapy physiotherapy experience of the beauty and wellness Aromatherapy Spa. Aromatherapy flavor can be customized. The women's floors are recommended for Rose Aromatherapy and lavender aromatherapy. General room for a long time uninhabited or live more frequent, will cause poor air quality, customer emotional tension, easy fatigue, hard to concentrate and other adverse consequences, so use some refreshing brain, to ease the mood of aromatherapy, can alleviate our fatigue.

The introduction of aromatherapy in hotel rooms is an inevitable product of aromatherapy walking into the hotel. For hotels, the use of pleasant fragrance to touch the customer's olfactory nerves, in this way with the wind to facilitate the customer's positive emotional and behavioral response, this is undoubtedly a clever marketing tool. Aromatherapy because of its specific efficacy, aromatherapy culture, prices and other factors are not widely used, so the hotel aromatherapy has its specific value, aromatherapy application in hotel rooms will certainly bring certain commercial value.

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