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How does ability make sense of smell more acute?
- Nov 17, 2018 -

How does ability make sense of smell more acute?

Train your nose!

Just as exercise makes us stronger, constant sniffing makes our sense of smell stronger.

Try to change the perfume of different concentration to use, expand perfume to collect, will daily use and night use perfume to separate, choose different perfume for each season.


Scent diffusers MODEL NO.: VS160

Size: 165*300*190mm
Voltage: power: DC12V/16W
N.W/G.W(LG):7.25/8 KG
Installation: HVAC connect 
Material: metal 
Color: black 
Coverage: 5000-15000 cubic meters
Bottle: 500ml aluminum /5L plastic bottle *2
Oil cunsumption: 5.0ml/H+-5%
Production features: exteral bottle can be separeated form machine
HVAC connect & two sets of individual control system 
Optional bottle capacity, 500ml*2 aluminum /5L*2 pieces
Suitable for 5000-15000cubic meters space 
Powerful pump to cover larege area 


Imagine the smell of each perfume as a different color.


Dr Avery gilbert, of the national geographic's smell team, has found that people often think of patchouli as brown and spicy cinnamon as red.

Exercise nose patiently, smell all sorts of perfume, from sweet smell, green leaf attune to Oriental attune, smell more, nose is more sensitive.

If your nose is too tired to smell anything, give it a good rest and try deep breathing to clear the air.


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