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How does smell work?
- Nov 09, 2018 -

How does smell work?

Odour molecules pass through the nose into two small areas behind the bridge of the nose.

The two areas are made up of thousands of special smells or olfactory senses.

They transmit smell information to the limbic system, which governs emotions and specific emotional responses.

Although the limbic system is primarily dedicated to smell, it also affects our hormones, metabolism, stress response and it is the emotional center of desire, anger, fear, joy.

That's why perfume is an emotional experience and people need scent diffusers. 


Odour molecules dissolve in water and attach to nerve cells.

Recent surveys have found that each cell is equipped with thousands of different receptors, each designed to distinguish a small group of different smells.


So you need good scnet diffusers. 

DO you know the scent diffusers Working principle?

Scent air diffuser adopts cold two-fluid atomization technology, the high-speed collision of cold air hits aroma oil into nano scale mist, the machine sprays the mist out of the atomizer, the scent flows along through the air.


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