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How much do you know about the essential oil spreader?
- Aug 08, 2018 -

[Distribution machine nickname and applicable place]

The spreader is also called aromatherapy machine, fragrance machine, fragrance system, flavoring machine, essential oil spreader and so on. It is currently the product of middle and high-end users' aroma marketing methods, mainly for high-end business or consumer places such as star-rated hotel lobby, chain bar, KTV, sales center, car showroom, department store, clubhouse, etc. The essential oil is atomized and diffused, so that the entire space emits aroma.




[The working principle of the diffuser]

The main components of the diffuser are composed of the movement, the atomizer and the working program control panel. After the spreader starts, the vacuum pump generates air pressure, and then the airflow is sent to the atomizer to form a strong pressure to make the essential oil storage tank. The essential oil inside collides into small atomized particles, which diffuse out to form the taste of the fragrance oil in the air, and spread the fragrance to various areas through the central air-conditioning fresh air duct or the flow of air.


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