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How to choose a diffuser?
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Method / step
According to the use of the diffuser:
    The method of purchasing the diffuser (essential oil spreader, diffuser, fragrance meter, aromatherapy machine, fragrance machine, fragrance system) can not be generalized, mainly according to the size of the space and the amount of ventilation, air conditioning system The structure of the (new air system) is chosen to purchase, and the installation location is related to the type of diffuser.
    For example, in the case of a small amount of ventilation in the hotel lobby, 1000 cubic meters of space, it is recommended to use a spreader that covers 500-1200 cubic meters. This flavoring range of flavoring machine can adjust the fragrance of suitable concentration; vertical spreader installation The location is suitable for the hotel lobby, the hanging diffuser is suitable for wall mounting, the invisible installation (top of the ceiling) uses a split diffuser (model: AF-B01); the bar is ventilated, 3000 cubic meters The space needs to choose a diffuser that can cover 3000-5000 cubic meters. The split-type large space diffuser (model: AF-B02) with two atomizers is most suitable. The atomizer can be flexibly selected for the appropriate position. The coverage space is larger and more uniform, which saves the number of machines purchased and makes it easy to add fragrance essential oils.


According to the material of the spreader:
Case material:
    The plastic diffuser casing is easy to age, and the diffuser casing of the iron material is easily corroded and rusted by the essential oil. The diffuser casing of the aluminum alloy material is not aged, rusted, durable, and high in cost.
Essential oil atomizer material:
   The spreader of the plastic material atomizer has no processing precision and the cost is extremely low. Advantages: low price; Disadvantages: low life of atomizer, easy to block and leak perfume essential oil, need to clean the atomizer with alcohol every month, atomized particles are large, and consume a large amount of essential oil under the same conditions. Increase the cost of adding aromatic oils.
    The atomizer of the high-quality diffuser is made of aluminum alloy and is made of high-precision CNC machining technology. Disadvantages: The price is slightly higher. Advantages: small atomized particles, saving the use of fragrance essential oils, long life, no clogging, no leakage of fragrance essential oil, no need to regularly clean the machine atomizer.
Movement material:
    The spreader movement is the heart of the spreader. It is the key to stable operation and long service life. The life of the imported high-quality movement is twice as long as that of the domestic movement, and the noise is relatively small, but the price is high. The domestic movement has a short life, relatively loud noise and low price.

to sum up:
     The quality of the plastic casing and the domestic movement is slightly worse, but the price is cheap; the iron casing and the domestic movement have a short life; the aluminum alloy casing and the imported movement have good quality, long service life and slightly higher price. The life of the domestic movement is about 1-3 years, and the life of the imported movement is about 6-8 years.
    It is recommended not to choose the diffuser of plastic material essential oil atomizer, and the fine oil atomizer of high quality aluminum alloy is the first choice.



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