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How to choose a hotel fragrance?
- Aug 06, 2018 -


How to choose a hotel fragrance?

 Many users are hesitant to choose what fragrance for their hotel lobby and other leisure space fragrances. Danq company specializes in hotel fragrance and other large space fragrances for more than 7 years, the senior technology of Guangzhou DanQ Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Mr.Yao, the engineer and head of the company's marketing department, based on the seven years of experience in space fragrance, put forward the following insights on the choice of hotel industry fragrance:
    First, the hotel's fragrance is simply to add fragrance to the space, to provide guests with a comfortable scent environment, can use different flavors or the same fragrance according to different seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, so that only the selected fragrance is suitable for the main customer type. The scent that I like, because everyone has a different taste for the scent, I personally recommend choosing a neutral scent.
    Second, the location of the hotel fragrance is aroma marketing, which is more complicated to choose the fragrance fragrance. First of all, you need to understand the company culture, the company's hotel brand positioning and the positioning of the consumer group, and then adjust it according to your situation through a professional perfumer. The exclusive fragrance is for testing, and the test is conducted to fine-tune the fragrance. After the customer thinks that the fragrance of the hotel is scented, the fragrance of the exclusive hotel brand will be modulated in batches. The hotel fragrance is implemented after the hotel fragrance planning. We often say that hotel fragrance marketing, fragrance marketing is a systematic and professional project, through a series of procedures such as selection, installation, trial, review, revision, etc., the hotel fragrance marketing is more successful Shangri-La hotels, some five-star The hotel group does not use the same fragrance in a unified way, so it cannot be called hotel fragrance marketing.


How to choose a hotel fragrance? At present, domestic star-rated hotels purchase professional hotel fragrance equipment (also known as diffuser) and hotel fragrance oil through professional fragrance equipment manufacturers. Runxiang brand spreader can choose the appropriate machine model and installation location according to the actual space size, space layout and other environment of the hotel. The spreader can set the fragrance time and fragrance concentration at will, so as to truly protect the hotel. The scent of the hotel's space fragrance.
    Guangzhou DanQ Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the use of German technology fragrance equipment (flavoring machine) and imported fragrance oil, high-quality fragrance equipment and high-quality fragrance in the process of serving many star-rated hotels. Essential oils can create a high standard of fragrance space.
    The company has successively been the largest star hotel complex in Asia (Seventh Star Hotel in Sanya), Shangri-La Hotel, Vienna Hotel, Chutian Yuehai International Hotel, Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Shuyou Group Jinyu KTV, Good Sound KTV, Soho Bar, Phoebe International Bar, Feiling Bar, Rice Bar, Allure Bar, Grand Theatre, Asia Pacific International Club, Yinquan International Club, OCT East Coast Club, Porsche Auto 4S Shop, Audi Car 4S shop, Great Wall Harvard Automobile 4S shop, Vanke Real Estate Sales Department (Wanke Dream Workshop, Vanke , etc. more than 10 properties), Poly Real Estate Sales Department, Country Garden Real Estate Sales Department, Jiahua Group (Jiahui City) ), Kaijing Group Real Estate Sales Department, Guangwu Group Real Estate Sales Department, China Resources Land, Diwang Shopping Center, Vientiane City, Hongxing Meikailong Shopping Mall, Huachang Jewelry Store, Qiaowani Brand Clothing Store, etc. Providing space and fragrance service, the company has also undertaken a large number of large-scale conference on-site fragrance service, such as China Resources Group, Ten Degrees News Media and other more than 20 partners; the company also exports a large number of exports

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