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How To Choose Hotel Aroma Diffuser Machine
- Jul 11, 2018 -

The fragrance diffuser is also known as the fragrant machine, the fragrance machine, the fragrance instrument, the fragrance system, the flavoring machine, the fragrance spreading device, the essential oil spreading machine and so on. 

The method of choosing Hotel flavoring machine is not generalizations. It is mainly based on the space size of the place and the size of ventilation, the layout of the air conditioning system (new air system) to choose the hotel diffuser model number, and the location and the selection of the hotel. The type of flavoring machine is related. In the case of small ventilation in the hotel lobby, 1000 cubic meters of space, it is recommended to use a 500-1200 cubic meter of hotel flavoring machine. This flavoring machine can adjust the proper concentration of fragrance. The installation position of the vertical Hotel flavoring machine is suitable for placing in the hotel lobby, and the hanger Hotel aroma diffuser machine is suitable wall-mounted installation, stealth installation (above the ceiling) use a split Hotel aroma diffuser machineļ¼›Because Bar with large ventilation, 3,000 cubic meters area need to choose 3,000-5,000 cubic meters coverage hotel aroma machine.

The material of the hotel aroma diffuser machine is mainly include plastic, metal and aluminum .The plastic shell is easy to aging, but cost low, cheap.And the metal shell is easily corroded by the refined oil, easy to form, and the cost is not high; The shell of aluminum material is not aging, rusty, durable and cost a little high.

 According to the material of the atomizer to choose diffuser: plastic material atomizer, produce by mould factory directly , low cost, oil atomization particles large, high oil consumption, sealing not good, easily lead to the oil leakage, easy to damage atomization flake,need to clean and maintain the machine every month. The aluminum alloy atomizer is made of high precision CNC machining technology, high material cost and artificial cost, small atomization particles, small oil consumption, work life longer than 10 years, no need often cleaning and maintenance. 

According to atomizer core to choose the diffuser machine. It is the key to the stable operation and service life of the diffuser. The service life of the high quality imported atomizer core is 3 times more than the domestic machine, the power is stable, the noise is smaller, but the price is higher; the work life of the domestic machine is short and the noise is large,but the price is low. 

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