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How to Choose Suitable Scent Diffuser For My Space?
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Have you smelt something special in hotel/shopping mall/villa/resorts? 

Would you like to make your space more fresh and comfortable?

Do you know how to make your space special?

Here are 3 tips to guide you to choose the most suitable scent diffuser for your space.

First, you must to know how large of your space,It doesn't need to be accurate,you can estimate in sqm or cbm.

Second, you have to decide the location and method you want to install it, for example, connect with HVAC/FCU system,mounting on the wall, keep it stand alone or on the desk,etc.

Third, you need to know the oil composition which will be used in scent diffuser, pure oil, water-based oil or alcohol-based, etc. The diffusing performance will be different based on different oils.

Once you confirmed these 3 points,then you can choose the suitable diffusers accordingly.

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