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How to Define The Effect of Scent Machine
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Flavoring machine is a derivative of aroma marketing. It is widely used in star hotels, clothing chain stores, beauty salons, KTV, bars, hotel corridors, guest rooms, conference rooms, tea restaurants, tea bars, cafes, living rooms, exhibition halls. , toilets, sparrow houses, event wedding parties, study rooms and other places, is one of the popular mainstream consumption concepts.

Flavoring is a conceptual product that shapes a healthy and environmentally-friendly concept of high-quality consumption. In modern life, the fragrant paper towels, the fragrant wipes, the fragrant toys, etc. have become very popular concepts in today's society. People have different pursuits for individual fragrance, or rich or elegant. The fragrance is pleasant and can make people feel happy and bring people a healthy body and a good mood.

When purchasing a scented device, be sure to determine your own scent selection, then familiarize yourself with the indoor area and size ventilation system, and then provide a building or residential ventilation system wiring diagram when choosing a scented system! So that the technicians can make reasonable arrangements!


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