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The effect of essential oils on the body
- Sep 11, 2018 -


The principle of the action of essential oils Aromatic essential oils are known as "plant hormones". In fact, many essential oils also have human hormones, which play an important role in the human body. Aromatic essential oils mainly act on the human body through the following ways: 1. The aromatic essential oil molecules stimulate the olfactory nerve through the nasal scent, and the olfactory nerve transmits the stimulation to the brain center, and the brain generates excitement, which on the one hand governs the nerve activity and functions to regulate the nerve activity; On the other hand, the glandular secretion is controlled by a neuromodulation method to regulate the entire internal environment of the human body. 2, taking essential oils, entering the human body through the digestive tract, regulating blood circulation and lymph circulation, further regulating endocrine and improving the internal environment. 3. Directly enter the skin through affinity, the essential oil molecules stimulate the nerve on the one hand, and finally regulate the nerve activity and internal environment. On the other hand, it directly changes the internal environment and other stable state, so that the body fluid activity is accelerated, thereby improving the internal environment and further achieving Adjust the role of the whole body and mind. 4, through the affinity to quickly change the local tissue, the living environment of the cell, so that its metabolism is accelerated, comprehensively solve some problems caused by local metabolic disorders. 5, through the affinity into the subcutaneous, and through the exchange of body fluid into the blood and lymph, promote blood and lymph circulation, and accelerate the body's metabolism. 6, essential oil molecules directly kill bacteria and microorganisms. 7. Essential oil molecules enter the human body and enhance the body's immunity

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