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The Origin and development of aromatherapy
- Feb 09, 2018 -

(I) Origin

In Hebrew civilization, Greek civilization, Arab civilization, Indian civilization and Chinese civilization have recorded the medical use of natural plant essence oil since ancient times, and the most widely used should be ancient Egypt.

Full of legendary Cleopatra Cleopatra to Aromatherapy, from Egypt, Rome's ancient books and folklore that Cleopatra love to use roses, lavender, such as aromatherapy immersion bath and maintenance of skin, she greeted the Roman lover Anthony's boat to wipe a large amount of clove oil, in the room sprinkled with rose and ylang oil, To increase her appeal to men. Persistent aromatherapy Offensive, successfully acquired Anthony's heart, and aromatic beauty has become fashionable.

1.4500 BC, the Chinese have found that plants have the effect of treating diseases.

2. Around 3000 BC, some priests who used essential oils for religious rituals and body preservation learned about the benefits of aromatic plants for the treatment of the living.

3. The Greeks and Romans used the plant essential oils extensively in their religious beliefs and rituals.

4, in the year 1000 or so, the Arabs first distilled rose essential oil.

In the 5 and 12th century, this aromatic art was introduced to Europe to defend against infectious diseases.

6, 15th century, the European perfume Factory will be widely used in the body deodorant, prevention of disease.

In the 7 and 17th century, perfume can cause libido to be recognized by the public, when the great herb-Coupar (Culpeper) lays the theoretical foundation for aromatherapy.

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