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The principle of aromatherapy
- Feb 09, 2018 -

The fragrance that is not visible to the naked eye is in the form of molecules (aromatic molecules). Aromatherapy is mainly used in two ways for the human body and produces efficacy.

Pathways through the skin system

This approach is mainly through massage, bath and other skin contact, so that the essence of oil into the pores of the skin into the capillary, and then into the whole body of blood circulation, and transport to the body organs. Through the way the skin system is communicated, essential oils can stay in the body for hours to days or even weeks for each system. In general, essential oils can be fully absorbed in the skin within 30 minutes.

Transmission through the respiratory system

After breathing or sniffing, the essential oil is partly uploaded to the brain and partly to the lungs. Smelling essential oil is the most direct and most commonly used method. The essential oil molecules enter the nasal cavity, through the olfactory cells in the nose, to remember and convey the scent through the cilia in the cell, and then through the olfactory valve, to the olfactory region of the brain. Chemicals in essential oils promote the release of a nervous chemical that results in calm, relaxation, or excitement.

The essential oil molecules that breathe into the lungs are absorbed into the capillaries after being infiltrated through the blood vessels, which circulates to the body and into the tissues and organs of the body.

Aromatherapy in the purification of air and improve environmental hygiene and other aspects of the battle, is not currently available in the market all kinds of air purifier, ozone machine and the traditional incense platform can be replaced. If the existing types of air purifier can not clear odor, and toxic gas, and easily caused two pollution, such as ozone machine because of its high voltage to produce ozone, long-term use is easy to cause harm and even carcinogenic, and the use of traditional incense can only emit a little anion, can not fully play a curative effect. Therefore, plant incense is a new concept of new products.

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