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What are the applicable fields for aromatherapy machines?
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Aromatherapy at home: The living room, bedroom and toilet in the home are all places where the aromatherapy machine can work. In the soothing and relaxing fragrance, people can get better rest and better repair fatigue and restore energy!
Brand essential oil monopoly store: Because of its natural, safe and effective characteristics, aromatherapy essential oil has become the first choice for more and more women's skin care and beauty. The superior plant essential oils only have a good aroma diffusing tool to better play the effect of aromatherapy. The fragrance machine selected by Yuexiang Aromatherapy Network is designed for essential oil users and becomes a more convenient, efficient and easy-to-use essential oil spreader tool, which makes it easier to cultivate customers' habit of using essential oils.
Home Living Museum: Aromatherapy has gradually become a trend. The elegant and stylish aromatherapy machine can be used as a bedroom accessory in addition to a good companion for essential oils. The fragrance essential oil diffuser selected by Yue Xiang Aromatherapy Network is equipped with good essential oil, which has the functions of dust removal, sterilization and moisturizing. Each of them is suitable for the romantic fascinating lighting of the home. The faint scent is more petty, for some customers who are pursuing quality life, such an essential oil spreader tool that can relieve stress and provide life style. Attention to the chain of home living museum.
Leisure places: public places such as hotel clubs, beauty health clubs, restaurants and other industries. Fragrance marketing has slowly become a popular. Some star hotels, chain restaurants, and even high-end clothing brand stores, hair salons have also begun to use fragrance marketing. Customers have a unique and self-relaxing consumer experience, and naturally will remember that it is good for that place, and naturally there will be secondary consumption.
Sales department, car 4S shop, etc.: When customers consume, they can feel the aroma of essential oils. The pleasant aroma can easily touch people's minds, allowing customers to relax and depress in an aromatic atmosphere, to relax and enjoy the mood. The accuracy of human olfactory memory is twice as high as visual, which helps to build customer's goodwill and trust in the brand.
Customized gifts: The fragrance aromatherapy machine selected by Yuexiang Aromatherapy Network has patented designs. The products are exported to Europe and other places, with international and domestic patents. The products are novel, fashionable, exquisite and practical. They are the most appropriate choice for the company's anniversary, employee welfare or business gifts. Welcome to customize gifts for enterprises and institutions!

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