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Automobile Aromatherapy Core Working Principle
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Automotive Aromatherapy Core Work principle:

1, Greene use of High-tech chip control patented technology catalytic core, accurate temperature control, containing a large amount of oxygen elements of natural plant essential oil, plant micro-oxygen isopropyl alcohol in the best temperature is decomposed into negative oxygen ions, oxygen and other functions such as isolating the air virus and other effects!

2, Greene used two natural laws, one is "Bainuk Law of Fluid Mechanics" [Space Shuttle lift-off principle]. Another for the "Le ER ion effect" [waterfall spray effect]. The whole process, completely at room temperature, that is, by the vibration of gas atomization principle, the essential oil through the air pressure diffusion, without heating can release hundreds of millions of of particles, rapid disintegration in the air, forming a high concentration of negative ions, and completely retain the pure essential oil contained in the precious ingredients.

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