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Effect And Function Of Fragrant Incense Of Aloes
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Effect and function of fragrant incense of aloes

I. THE Soul

Aloes as the only way to pass the aroma of the three realms, with a definite soul, to remove evil spirits, the effect of mastery.

Ii. Static and calming nerves

When life or work encountered difficulties or bad mood, you can use aloes incense, aroma can make uneasy mood calm, relieve pressure, make people feel serene.

Iii. Treatment of insomnia

Long-term insomnia can cause dizziness, mood irritability, distraction, and then lead to depression, and natural aloes incense can be a refreshing mood, ease depression, to meditation, sleep state.

Purify the air, expel the odor, it is a pleasant feeling

Aloes incense has the function of purifying air, expelling odor, killing and sterilizing. A wisp of fragrance, a trace of charm, the mood is pleasant, ease the tension of the spirit, let a person wholeheartedly relaxed, life is full of good sustenance. In addition, often accustomed to incense, even in unfamiliar environment, when lit a joss of aloes, unique and familiar fragrance slowly scattered, the heart will feel a practical sense of security.

Eliminate the body evil spirit

Aloes incense can line qi, qi, dispel the body "evil spirit", its aroma, into the lungs, kidneys, spleen, stomach, Meridian, as the best medicine in the line of QI, can regulate the operation of the human body.

Long-term inhalation of aloes fragrance, and take food is no different, have the same treatment curative effect.

Contemporary people enjoy the way of incense Road health

Choose one: A box of aloes or sandalwood incense. (Joss or Panxiang)

Choice Two: An exquisite antique electric fumigation stove, a bottle of aloes or sandalwood incense or powder.

Choice of three: fire incense and incense required by the method of utensils and incense. (Professional play)

Whether it is a home, tea rest, or family visitors, the use of natural incense products incense, you can adjust indoor gas field, open Transport home Feng shui, Full House fragrance, is better than the wonderful righteousness, pleasant Ikea.

What is the effect of aromatherapy on various occasions?

A, Home master bedroom: Natural aloes have the soothing effect, sleep, electric stove like soup, smokeless incense, improve sleep quality. Of course, the use of Joss, Panxiang incense is also very convenient Oh!

B, the Living Room study: Natural aloes has regulation of gas field, promote the role of Righteousness, the qi of righteousness, not only let the heart clean, but also make the whole body and mind pleasant, the living room aromatherapy can bring a warm, harmonious feeling to the small family.

C, office space: Aloes is the king of incense, with dispel turbid gas, improve the role of the environment, aroma can refresh the brain, so that the efficiency is better.

D, Tea Room: The use of pure natural aloes, sandalwood incense, can purify the air, to create a warm, elegant indoor environment, people in the tea when the mood is more harmonious, more pleasant mood.

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