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Meeting Room, Room, Hotel, Living Room, Suitable Small Area Diffuser
- Jul 14, 2018 -

                    Meeting room, room, hotel, living room, suitable small area diffuser


Our company's conference room uses DANQ's diffuser, which has been in use for a year, and the effect is still very good.
Product advantages of DANQ.DSQ3010B diffuser:
1, ultra-quiet,
2, the spreader can be free to set the working day (Monday to Sunday),
3, can set 4 different working hours per day, 4 different aroma concentrations, the aroma concentration can be adjusted freely;
4, intelligent save settings information, power is not afraid.
1. Take out the equipment: prepare the essential oil bottle and machine;
2. Install the essential oil: open the side door, pour the aromatic essential oil into the built-in essential oil bottle, and cover the side door of the equipment;
3, set the fragrance time: plug in the electricity, according to the product manual to set the aroma time and aroma concentration you need;
4, placed in a suitable position: put the device in a suitable position and then power on, press the power switch, the aromatherapy essential oil diffusion hole has a slight mist spray.
Use places: hotels, clubs, KTV, bars, specialty stores, offices, conference rooms, homes, etc.


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