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Common Effects Of Essential Oils
- Jul 18, 2018 -

☆. Rose: anti-wrinkle moisturizing, remove fine lines, add estrogen, regulate endocrine, have miraculous effects on menstrual disorders, menstrual pain, cold feelings, sexual incompetence, etc. [Note] Pregnant women are hanged.
☆. Lavender: Its anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects promote skin regeneration, and it has outstanding effects on acne, scars, impetigo, burns, sunburn and cuts. Soothes nerves and improves insomnia. [Note] Low blood pressure, pregnant women hanged.
☆. Tea tree: It can be directly applied to the skin. Its bactericidal effect is the strongest among all essential oils, and it has a good effect on fungal infections such as trichomoniasis, candida, and mold. It can treat acne, gynecological inflammation, various phlegm, sore throat, toothache, and herpes and herpes.
☆. Jasmine: Condition dry, aging and sensitive skin, dilute scars and stretch marks. Appease the nerves, with aphrodisiac effect. Soothes dysmenorrhea, promotes breast secretion, and plumps breasts. [Note] Pregnant women are hanged.
☆. Geranium: balances oil secretion, smoothes blocked pores, promotes blood circulation, and makes skin rosy and shiny. Regulating the function of hormones, it has a good effect on irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, breast pain, and dysplasia. [Note] Pregnant women are hanged.
☆. Rosemary: It has a firming effect on the skin of the loose sputum, soothes muscle pain, can improve dandruff, itching and stimulate hair growth. Activate brain cells, enhance memory, treat headache, migraine, and dizziness. [Note] Pregnant women, high blood pressure, and patients with epilepsy are hanged.
☆. Peppermint: treats skin inflammation, regulates greasy and unclean skin, improves acne, and gives skin a refreshing sensation. It is excellent for treating colds, cool when hot, warming up when cold, promoting perspiration, headache, and sore muscles. [Note] pregnant women are hanged, bathing should not be more.

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