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The 25th GuangZhou Hotel Product Exhibition
- Dec 21, 2018 -

The 25th GuangZhou 

Hotel Product Exhibition

The 25th GuangZhou Hotel Product Exhibition finished Successful In Pazhou.

Our Company DQNQ Scent Diffusers win high praise and popular with customers in exhibition.

The exhibition lasted for 3 days(2018.12.16-18), our DANQ Scent Diffusers booth was full of people. And the result was very satisfactory.


Our DANQ booth’s design is the most fashion in exhibition,

Advanced product design, good quality, fashion design idea is leading the whole scent diffusers industry.  

Every guest that came to DANQ booth, all of them praise DANQ product good quantity, fashion looking, they like DQNA product very much.

Many of them order the scent diffusers machine at once in exhibition.

Thank you for them believe our product and our company DANQ.  


 DanQ is a leader in scent diffusers industry. 

In this exhibition, 

DANQ show new product: “M” series NEW PRODUCT: 

M10, M20, M41, M50, M60 and 40 styles fragrance oil. 

All of them are popular with people.



In the exhibition, we give the customer the newest design idea, the newest technology, the newest product.

DANQ will do best in scent diffuser industry.

And do the best service for all customers in future.  


Although the exhibition was ending. Friends, let us meet again next year.

DanQ is an scent diffusers leader brand.

We provide high-quality products and services for customers all over the world.

Choose DanQ, Win wonderful experience!



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