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The Efficacy Of Aromatherapy Essential Oils
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Aromatherapy Essential oil volatile, and small molecules, quickly absorbed by the human body, and quickly penetrate the body's organs, and the excess ingredients again discharged from the body, the effect is significant.

Aromatherapy Essential oils have a variety of effects, and their release from the nose to the brain, allowing autonomic nerves, endocrine, immune and nervous system to achieve balance. Accelerate circulation and cell metabolism, help wound healing, strengthen skin resistance and tissue strength, effectively delay skin aging. With towel hot compress, can let the blood vessel dilate, the skin absorption function becomes better, for shoulder pain, lumbago, headache, physiology pain and so on all kinds of ache, have the analgesic effect lavender, Roman chamomile, day Lanqu and so on essential oil, especially effective.

Aromatherapy can improve environmental sanitation, eliminate odor, decompose second-hand smoke and purify the air, improve air quality, shape non-polluting human living space.

Aromatherapy Essential oil is not only the efficacy of fragrance, but also contains the ingredients of the effect, you can massage, from the surface of the skin into the body, from the blood and lymph absorption, in vivo circulation to the organizations. Do body massage, is a good skin care, suitable for sensitive, dry, aging skin, with anti-inflammatory, calming effect, in the dilution of scars and pregnancy marks on the reputation outstanding.

Aromatherapy essential oil can effectively stabilize the mood, make the mind concentrate, strengthen the judgment of things, and coordinate the psychological and physiological balance.

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