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The Important Role Of Fragrance In Hotel
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Piano smart, light swaying, fragrance curl, wrapped around our feelings, if pushed door and into the hotel lobby can so carefully touch our senses, who would say "no" to such a hotel? In recent years, the smell of pleasure has gradually become an important indicator of the selection of good hotels.

There is a consensus in the hotel business that the first 10 minutes of a stay in a place, whether good or bad, will make a clear impression on the guest. So, in this first 10 minutes, in the core of the service content is too late to the customer, how to shape a good "brand impression" is the hotel industry has been studying the subject. After the traditional visual marketing and sound marketing have been developed, the sense of smell has become a new "invasion" of the hotel another sensory experience.

Foreign odor experts believe that the nose is one of the most sensitive human organs, but also the most closely related to memory and emotional senses, the use of odors is the most effective way to achieve customer perception experience. For hotels, the use of pleasant fragrance to touch the customer's olfactory nerves, in this way with the wind to facilitate the customer's positive emotional and behavioral response, this is undoubtedly a clever marketing tool.

Foreign hotels are the first to extend the boundaries of marketing to people's sense of smell, with a specific smell to attract consumers attention, memory, identity, and ultimately form consumption. A number of foreign hotel management groups or personalized hotels have a big fuss on people's sense of smell. And the change of the brand marketing also diffuse to the international major brand hotels-Sheraton, Shangri-La, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotel and so are involved.

However, no matter how the marketing model, to the end will be the same, their ultimate goal is to improve customer awareness of the brand and ultimately achieve consumption, fragrance marketing is no exception. Hotel lobby fragrance After the first few years of simple marketing as a means of the stage, the hotel in the fragrance of the use of thinking is more in-depth, and according to their own brand and unique customer positioning, design and matching the "fragrance label", the brand into the hotel's exclusive fragrance, so that customers "smell incense and knowledge."

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