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The Working Principle Of The Diffuser:
- Aug 01, 2018 -


The spreader is also known in the industry as aromatherapy machine, fragrance machine, fragrance meter, fragrance system, flavoring machine, diffuser, essential oil spreader. It is currently derived from the middle and high-end users' aroma marketing methods, mainly for high-end business or consumer places such as star-rated hotel lobby, chain bar, KTV, sales center, auto showroom, department store super, clubhouse, etc. The fragrant machine diffuses the scented essential oil into a super-smoke-like scented granule, which gives the entire space a comfortable scent.

The working principle of the diffuser:
The main components of the diffuser are composed of a movement (vacuum pump), an atomizer and a working program control panel. After the spreader is started, the vacuum pump generates air pressure, and then the airflow is sent to the atomizer to form a strong pressure. The essential oil in the essential oil storage tank collides into small atomized particles, which diffuse out to form the taste of the fragrance oil in the air, and spread the fragrance to various areas through the central air-conditioning fresh air duct or the flow of air.

The origin of the diffuser:
It is said that as early as the medieval French royal family, people began to use perfume to sprinkle in the air to create a fragrant atmosphere and environment. However, the modern diffuser was born at the end of the last century. At the beginning, a lady in a five-star hotel in Los Angeles used perfume in the hotel and accidentally poured the perfume on the stall. When I checked out, I was troubled by the health worker Lenka. He couldn't handle the smell. He told his supervisor that the supervisor was attracted by the perfume as soon as he entered the room. He said: Lenka, please stop your cleaning, I need you to tell me what the taste of this perfume is? In this way, the hotel began experimenting with the space perfume, and the result was very good, so the space spreader came out. Later, the United States gradually spread to Europe and the rest of the world.

Classification of diffuser:
According to the size of the place of use: large space diffuser and small space diffuser; according to the use of: central air conditioning diffuser, portable (vertical) diffuser and wall-type diffuser. Take the Runxiang brand diffuser as an example (as shown below), it can be divided into central air conditioner diffuser, portable large space diffuser, small space diffuser, central air conditioner diffuser AF-B02 and AF-B01 are exports The most developed models in the Middle East and Europe, and the Runxiang brand spreader is also a representative of the domestic high-quality diffuser brand.

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