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What Is The Commercial Application Of Fragrance Marketing?
- Feb 09, 2018 -

In fact, many people do not understand the fragrance industry, we come to the simple next fragrance is from which industry rise, first let Shanghai Orange Prudential International Fragrance Marketing, fragrance marketing has been widely used in hotels, shopping malls, entertainment, jewelry, clothing, commercial real estate, home, auto 4S Shop and other industries. American scholar Mitchell suggested that the use of aroma by marketers is mainly concentrated on the following two levels: first, the combination of product attributes, product selection and trial with fragrance marketing. Some businesses promote consumers ' desire to buy by optimizing the aroma of their products. For example, in daily skin care products to add fruit, flowers aroma, induce consumer special emotional state. Starbucks, which is known for its experience marketing, is demanding a taste and fragrance of coffee.

Second, the fragrance marketing and sales environment combined. For some products or services without special odor, such as clothing, hotels, banks and so on, merchants can be in the retail environment spraying a specific aroma, create a corresponding ideal shopping atmosphere, in order to enhance consumer product and service quality recognition and brand memory, and thus achieve the goal of promoting sales. For example, the 1996 Royal Hotel opened in Osaka, Japan, the smell of the ceiling reminiscent of the Mediterranean atmosphere. Thomas Picker, an upscale shirt retailer in the UK, has also developed a personalized scent, placing a taste-collector in New York, San Francisco, Boston and San Francisco's newly opened stores, and when customers step into the store, the smell-passing device emits a fresh, clean cotton flavor. And this kind of taste enjoyment can let the customer recall the brand quickly, Lenovo this kind of shirt comes from nature, thus carries on the purchase.

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