Hotel Lobby Oil Diffuser

Brief Introduction: Ideal choice of scent for big space(5000-15000 cubic metre). Intelligent programming,adjustable aroma smell density,Optionally setting working time. it can be connected to HVAC. With the most advanced super critical fluid nano-micron material atomization technology,the...

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Brief Introduction of Hotel Lobby Oil Diffuser: 

 Ideal choice of scent  for big space(5000-15000 cubic metre).
 Intelligent  programming,adjustable aroma smell density,Optionally setting working time. it  can be connected to HVAC. With the most advanced super critical fluid  nano-micron material atomization technology,the  essential oil is released  and dispersed into the space.



KTV rooms, bathrooms,    corridors, hotel rooms, small meeting rooms, clothing stores, jewelry shops,    family, VIP reception area and other small places


Model No.:


Product size:








Noise Level:


Gross Weight:


Net weight:


Suitable coverage:


Max oil consumption:





1. Special    corrosion-resistant plastic housing, high-gloss surface

2. 4 groups working time    programmable,scent density adjustable

3. Japan super long    lifespan air pump,8000 hours

4. 500ml PET oil bottle

5. Elegant simple,compact    design


1. 220V adapter

2. Spare nozzle filter

3. Connect to HVAC

4. User Manual

Company Description

Our company is  specializing in producing scent machine and oil,we have own factory and many  years experience in provide scent machine products, security quality and win  the excellent reputation in the industry, it can help you to increase sales and  improve market competitiveness.

Long-term Guarantee:

We do always stand  behind of our products:
 A:Before shipment,we have QC to check quality one by one,and trial assembly.
 B:Each order ,before shipment,we provide free accessories for customer reserve.
 C:After the goods arrived clients warehouse,if any damaged,kindly contact with  us timely,
 we will check and replace free.
 D:During the period of sales,if any fitting parts lacked,we can resend free on  the next order.

Appliance of Hotel Lobby Oil Diffuser:
 Mo-fur scent delivery systems are suitable for hotel lobbies, hotels, clubs,  offices, office buildings, apartments, showrooms, model homes, auto 4S shop,  KTV, night clubs, resorts, reception center, spa, beauty salon, shopping malls,  supermarkets, banks, cafes, coffee shop, office buildings, stores, corridors,  swimming pool, VIP room, VIP, high-end villas, commercial real estate sales  center, jewelry stores, wedding photography, tourism, vacation, playgrounds,  home industry , shopping malls, high-end places of rehabilitation centers,  cosmetic surgery hospital, chess room, mahjong room, offices, meeting rooms and  other industries.


Q: Could you print LOGO for items?
 A: Sure, I can help you print LOGO as your request.

Q: Can we get the sample to check before place large quantity?
 A: Sure, sample is available.

Q: How to order?
 A: Tell me the Items model and quantity you order. I will make the  Proforma Invoice for you. And will arrange the items after got your payment.

Q. How to pay?
 A. Do payment via Bank, Western Union, PayPal account...., which shown  on proforma invoice.

Q. How to ensure the best diffusing effect and maintain device?
 A. Fill some alcohol into oil canister which is spent and clean it.  Then install the canister filling with alcohol on device, and make device stay  in working status for 5-10 minutes. Finally take out the canister to finish  cleaning.

Q. What kind of canister could be applicable for machine? Where we can  buy it?

1.There is a standard  canister for each model, and each machine is equipped with one empty canister.

2.What kind of refill  to use?/Can we use our fragrance?

3.Any kind of  fragrance oil, but not water-based or alcohol-based. 

    Q. Do you sell fragrance also?
     A. Yes, we supply over 50 kinds of fragrance oil.


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