Customized Metal Oil Electric Scent Diffuser

Customized Metal Oil Electric Scent Diffuser

1)380*210*300mm 2)Metal shell 3)Stand – alone device with lock & key 4)Stand – along unit 5)750ml plastic bottle capacity 6)Suitable for 300 -600 cubic meters space (300 square) 7)Elegant design with metal shell and fan in the machine, Cold-air diffusion technology/dry gas technology

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Product Details

Customized Metal Oil Electric Scent Diffuser 

with 750ml oil bottle


VS-560B Aroma Diffusion


Our Aroma diffuser is designed on COLD DIFFUSION no need any heat to help disperse the essential oil.

It is safe green and friendly device.

Our aroma diffuser use essential oil and fragrance based on oil solvent, from the diffusion procedure, the oil can be dispensed under 1 micro in diameter which is easily to spread in air to sent the whole space.



VS-560B Aroma Diffusion Features:

1) 380*210*300mm

2) Metal shell 

3) Stand – alone device with lock & key

4) Stand – along unit

5) 750ml plastic bottle capacity

6) Suitable for 300 -600 cubic meters space (300 square)

7) Elegant design with metal shell and fan in the machine, Cold-air diffusion technology/dry gas technology

 Customized Metal Oil Electric Scent Diffuser 



VS-560B  Electric Fragrance Essential Oil Aromatherapy Machine is middle coverage scent machine, which is best choice for middle area. Can be set for 4 groups work time and adjust fragrance intensity. 
Built-in long-life compressed air pump manufactured by our own designer which suits for VS-560B most, 
working life could up to 8000 hours, fits for room, shop, SPA, office, etc .The equiment stable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance.












Noise Level


Net weight

5.5 kg

Suitable coverage

100-300m2 (500-600CBM)


Carton and standard packing

Terms of payment

T/T, Western union, Paypal

Ways of delivery

By sea or by air & others


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Work time adjustable
• Cycling working time is adjustable between 5-180 seconds 
• Cycling stop time can be adjustable between 10-900 seconds.
•Oil consumption is 0.35-0.75ml/h.
• two working period can be set per day.
• days to work can be set. For example, Morning to Saturday, Wednesday to Sunday, etc. 
Any day is settable. 

Customized Metal Oil Electric Scent Diffuser 



Q:  Could you print LOGO for this scent delivery system?
 A:  Sure, I can help you print LOGO when the order quantity meet our MOQ.

Q:  Can we get the sample to check before place large quantity?
 A:  Sure, sample is available.

Q:  How to order?
 A:  Tell me the Items model and quantity you order. I will make the Proforma  Invoice for you. And will arrange the items after got your payment.

Q. How to  ensure the best diffusing effect and maintain device?
 A. Fill  some alcohol into oil canister which is spent and clean it. Then install the  canister filling with alcohol on device, and make device stay in working status  for 5-10 minutes. Finally take out the canister to finish cleaning.

Q. What  kind of canister for this scent delivery system machine? Where we can buy it?

A:There is a standard canister for each  model, and each machine is equipped with one empty canister.If you need ,we  could provide.

Q:  When can I get the tracking number?
 A:  I will let you know at the first time after shipped out.


Salons,Yoga rooms,Living rooms,Offices,Pet shops,VIP rooms and more places.

Operation Steps:

1.Connect to power adapter

2.Working Periods Setting

3.Fragrance oil installation and replacement

4.Desktop scent diffuser maintenance

Working time setting remarks:

*When setting the work period, the close time is not allowed to be set before the open time.

* If the working period need to cross the‘0’point, it will need to set two working periods separately.

[Work day choice]: to set the work days



Fragrance oil installation and replacement


*If using it for the first time, please install the oil bottle first then connect the power and do the related settings.

Installation: Align snail mouth, then tighten the oil bottle clockwise and fix it.

Replacement: Cut off the power, make the empty oil bottle off from the snail mouth by anticlockwise. Then open the sealed new oil bottle, tighten the oil bottle by clockwise. Then turn on the power.

Desktop scent diffuser maintenance :

If the equipment will be stopped using for a long time ,we must clean the whole equipment with alcohol before we pack it .

Operations :fill the empty oil bottle with alcohol , and turn on the equipment to run 10-15mmintues , then turn off the power , pour off the alcohol.

Caution:the aroma diffuser is required to clean every 1--3 month.

Room Scent Diffuser Machine Product details

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