Small Area Metal AC Connect Scent Air Diffuser Equipment

Small Area Metal AC Connect Scent Air Diffuser Equipment

This Small Area Metal AC Connect Scent Air Diffuser Equipment covers 200 cubic meters space, suitable for hotel corridor, reception area, club and other small area.

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Product Details

Small Area Metal AC Connect Scent Air Diffuser Equipment


DSQ3010 is suitable for small area, like hotel corridor, reception area, club and other small area. Operated by DC12V electricity power, applied to 100-240 volt. It covers 200 cubic meters, wall-mounted, electricity connect.

Products Features

1. This small area metal AC connect scent air diffuser equipment is wall-mounted unit which can be installed in small space, connect with AC system, with powder-coated metal shell, avoiding dust and rust.

3. Intelligent program can be set 4 groups work period per day, Work/Pause time from 5s to 300s and Workday from Monday to Sunday.












Noise Level


Net weight

1.95 KG

Suitable coverage

200 cubic meters

Suit place

hotel corridor, reception area, SPA room, etc.

Oil Capacity

150ML glass bottle

Oil  consumption

1ml/h±5% (based on continual working)

Fragrance oil installation and replacement 

If using it for the first time, please install the oil bottle first then connect the power and do the related settings. 

Installation: Align snail mouth, then tighten the oil bottle clockwise and fix it.

Replacement: Cut off the power, make the empty oil bottle off from the snail mouth by anticlockwise. Then open the sealed new oil bottle, tighten the oil bottle by clockwise. Then turn on the power. 


If the equipment will be stopped using for a long time, we must clean the whole equipment with alcohol before we pack it.

Operations: Fill the empty oil bottle with alcohol, and turn on the equipment to run 10-15 minutes, then turn off the power, pour off the alcohol.  

Caution: The Aroma Diffuser is required to clean every 1-3 month.

Product Images

 Black Powder-coated Shell


White Smooth-coated Shell



1. Cycling WORK/PAUSE time can be adjustable between 5 - 300 seconds.

2. Oil consumption is 1ml/h±5% based on the continual testing of pump.

3. 4 working periods can be set as per actual requirements within 24 hours and also different workday from Monday to Sunday.

4. Can be connected with FCU system with pipe(will be attached with each machine).


Please read this manual in detail before using the device and and keep it carefully.

1.Please do not use overloaded power sockets, broken wire and charger.

It may endanger your safety and cause a fire,please replace in time if it happens;

2. Please do not try to open the shell of the device. Please contact seller timely if any abnormality.

3. Please do not invert the device after filling oil in case of leaking and causing damage.

Malfunction Debugging

No spray

- Check if power supply is energized.

- Check if device is not in work period.

- Check if air pump works or not, and replace the atomizer core.

- Check if seal ring is damaged or fall off, and if oil pipe is blocked or fall off.

Spray gets weak

- Check if seal ring is damaged.

- Check if atomized core gets blocked.

- Check if atomized core gets loose, or replace the atomized core.

Oil leakage

- Check if atomized head is damaged.

- Check if seal ring gets damaged or need replacement.

- Check if oil bottle connects to atomizer head closely.

Abnormal noise

- Air pump is loose, please fix it correctly.

- Air pump is damaged, please replace it with a new one.


Q: Can I have my own brand?

A: Yes, please provide your brand design in CDR/AI format, our graphic designer will make effect design for your confirmation, for more details,, please kindly contact our salesperson.

Q: Do you provide sample unit for free?

A: Sorry, we don't, the sample unit will be charged accordingly.

Q: Can you provide OEM / ODM service?

A: Yes, we do. We have professional R&D dept..

Q: What's the warranty term?

A: Warranty is one year upon buyer’s receipt of cargo.

    Include: pump, PCB plate, inside wire, atomizer.

    Exclude: atomizer corn, seal ring, whole shell and other damages which caused by human or their                             wrong behavior.

    If any unfortunate quality issue in warranty period,seller will provide corresponding spare part  

    for FREE for buyer to fix the issue,the shipping cost will be borne by buyer,or seller can ship

    with buyer’s next order.

Q: Am I able to refill the essential oil ?

A: Yes,you can refill the bottle when the essential runs out, and alcohol for clean maintaining.



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